Do something drastic – cut the plastic!

My January plastic count

Inspired by Susan Freinkel’s book Plastic: A Toxic Love Story,  I’ve set a goal to reduce the amount of single-use plastic I bring into my life in 2020.

Here’s my collection for the first month of the year. That’s a bag full of food packaging at the top. In fact, you’ll see that most of it is food packaging. And most of it came into my house before I took the pledge, but wasn’t emptied until after the first day of January.

Please note that there are none of those dreadful plastic shopping bags. You know the ones–they’re all over your house and all over the side of the road, stuck in trees and in the stomachs of wildlife. Those bags do start out as adorable baglets, but then they escape into the wild and … well, here. You can watch this video to see for yourself how domestic bags go feral.

Like most people, I carry canvas / reusable shopping bags in my car. Like most people, I forget to take them into the store, then think Just this once I’ll take the plastic bag. Because it’s such a long walk back to the car. Pretty soon, all those just onces netted me a hefty bag collection, and I know perfectly well that the filthy things don’t really get recycled so why bother taking them to the bin.

Instead, I crocheted the plastic bags into a reusable bag:

(Want to do the same? Here’s a quick tutorial.)

It’s a magic bag, by the way. I haven’t forgotten to carry my bags into the store even once since I made this plarn (PLastic YARN) one.

Yes, the plastic invasion does seem overwhelming. It feels like a war we can’t win. Ah, but that’s exactly what they want you to think. Don’t fall for the propaganda.   Individuals have always directed the turning of the world.

Are you ready to make a difference? Then join us. Join the 5R Resistance (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle) and take one simple step: Refuse. Refuse those plastic bags at checkout. Refuse plastic bags in the produce section. Refuse plastic bags in thrift stores and boutiques and craft fairs.

It’s one thing: refuse to accept plastic bags. That’s all. That’s it. You will make a difference. You will shorten the war by 73 years and save countless animals’ lives.  Thank you for your action in this matter.

Tips to Reduce Plastic Bag Use

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