“The world is changed by your example.”

Single-use plastic in March

The month of March turned our world upside-down, didn’t it? Self-isolating became the way of life we never imagined would happen to us.

Despite having been shopping only once all month–before the country went into shut-down–I managed to accumulate about the same amount of single-use plastic trash as always. And it continues to be food packaging that creates the bulk of the problem, along with the plastic mailing wrapper from Bookpage and the plastic container that came with a phone cord.

Beth Terry, the queen of plastic reduction, was one of the authors who set me on this journey. Her book Plastic Free is the outcome of her own efforts to eliminate plastic waste, and it serves as both guide and inspiration for those of us following in her footsteps.

Social media is loaded with ideas to keep you busy during self-isolation. May I suggest that assessing your plastic intake is a superb way to spend your time? Beth Terry’s website offers 100 Steps to a Plastic-Free Life, so you can start on that immediately.

Maybe your virtual book club can read Terry’s book in preparation for Plastic-Free July (more on that later). There’s a free readers’ guide available as a download.

Or maybe spending your days and nights in pajamas has sucked all the ambition right out of you. Here’s a thought: as you slump on the sofa with the remote in one hand and a beverage in the other (oh please! not in a plastic bottle!), you could look around the room and count the plastic items. That remote, for example. What else? Just take note of the plastic that fills your life.

You don’t have to take action right this minute. Sometimes it’s enough to open your awareness to what’s happening around you. Small steps, my dear. Small steps.

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