Here’s how you can help hummingbirds

Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay

I spotted the first hummer of the year at my feeder this morning! Hummingbird arrival time varies from region to region, so I usually put out the hummingbird nectar long before I could reasonably expect the little beauties to show up.

Would you like to enjoy hummingbirds at your place? It’s easier than you think. First of all, stop putting out that nasty red-dye nectar that costs too much and actually harms the hummers.

The best way to feed a hummingbird is with nectar you make yourself, and that’s also easier than you think. Add one part refined white sugar to four parts water. Done. No red dye.

Nectar will ferment, so be sure that you thoroughly clean your feeder and put out fresh nectar at least twice a week. (I swap out feeders so there’s always nectar available for the hummers while I’m cleaning other feeders with bleach water.)

Southeastern Avian Research has more to tell you about hummingbirds. Ex: Here in Tennessee, it is quite possible to have hummers visiting your feeder all year long.

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