Librarians of Jesus Creek and elsewhere

All The Crazy Winters

During the early stages of research for the second Jesus Creek mystery, All The Crazy Winters, I asked my local librarians what there might be in a library that could serve as a murder weapon. And all of them started shouting out ideas: “A heavy book!” “This chair!” “The spindle!” And so forth.

Mind you, they did not take time to consider it; they answered immediately, almost as if they’d been thinking of how to commit murder all along.

There was a time when I’d have found this disturbing, but I’ve gotten to know several librarians since then, and I can tell you with confidence that they are not the drab and timid creatures of stereotype.

Some years ago I was a guest speaker at a state library association convention. The hotel was just wrapping up another conference, and the bellman confided to me that they were really looking forward to having the librarians there, because “they’ll be quiet.”

I could only sigh and pity him.

You see, I once attended an ALA convention in New Orleans. Several of the librarians there invited Steve Womack and yours truly to dinner, and naturally we accepted. It had been a long day for all of us, so a glass of wine with dinner was reasonable.  Yes?

Steve and I were both flabbergasted when the librarians
 1. drank us under the table, and
2. decided to go dancing at some local bar best known for having its customers thrown through the front window.

No, I do not think this was aberrant behavior brought on by the consumption of alcohol and the heady atmosphere of the Big Easy. Like I said – I’ve gotten to know several librarians.

2nd in the Jesus Creek mysteries

by Deborah Adams

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First there’s the spectacular blaze that totals the antebellum home of genealogist Oliver Host. Then the appalling murder of librarian Estelle Carhart, a lady too softhearted even to collect fines for overdue books. Delia Cannon, a library volunteer and something of a genealogist herself, suspects a connection between the crimes and begins quietly to investigate. She doesn’t yet realize that she already knows too much for her own good — or that she and little Jesus Creek, Tennessee are in for trouble galore….

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  1. I’m a retired librarian. Decades ago I went to a conference and the bellboy asked me “What group is this?” I told him it was the New Jersey Library Association. He said “This is the biggest bunch of drinkers we’ve ever had here!”

    1. Thanks for backing me up on this, Rob! Librarians are complex creatures, and I both admire and fear them.

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