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In addition to whiskers on kittens and Bernie’s warm mittens

The good people over at Long and Short Reviews have set forth a list of topics for their Wednesday Blogging Challenge in 2021. These are general prompts, and yet they all remind me of books. Here’s where the prompt led me today.

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Bookmarks! For keeping my place in a book, I use scraps of paper or whatever object is handy. The bookmarks are room décor.

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Ereaders! I started with a Sony Reader, and loved it until the day its little screen froze and it refused to do anything, including shut down–even after I removed the battery. By then Sony was out of the ereader business, and the nearest local bookstore sold only Kobo Glo. The Kobo has a lot of fine features, but also annoyed the heck out of me about every fifth time I used it, so I switched to Kindle Fire. I look forward to the day when Kindle and Kobo Glo have a child or Sony brings back the perfect ereader.

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Overdrive! Library books delivered directly to my ereader. Honestly…it’s as if they knew Covid and Stay Home were coming, and set about making life as convenient as possible.

Project Gutenberg! Every classic book you can think of plus a bunch you’d never believe were written. All free, all E.

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Real live bookstores! Such as The Bookshop and Murder By the Book and Friendly City Books, where the staff appreciates and celebrates books, reads books, and knows the difference between a book and a ‘unit.’

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Melvil Dewey! The genius who created the Dewey Decimal Classification system. I used it for my home library for years, and life was good. Then I switched to the Library of Congress classification system, and finding the book I want has been an ordeal ever since. (Why don’t I switch back, you ask. The word ‘overwhelming’ comes to mind.)

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Comfort reads! I’m talking to you, Mary Stewart. And Elizabeth Peters. And Terry Pratchett.

Dollar Tree reading glasses! Because…$1 a pair, so I will never have to suffer the fate of Burgess Meredith in “Time Enough At Last.”

What have I left off this list? What are your favorite book-related things? Let me know in the comments section.

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