5 Reasons Fiction Writers Should Blog

While this blog’s focus is on writing, writers, and books, it occurs to me that bloggers are writers, too. Suzannah Windsor Freeman has graciously allowed me to re-post one of her best offerings from her Write It Sideways site to get you started or to encourage you to keep on blogging. Thanks, Suzannah!

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of internet articles related to writers and blogging.

Since marketing a book is largely being left up to its author these days, fiction writers are becoming more and more curious about whether or not to start blogs of their own.

Less than a year ago, I was in the same position. In fact, I was a complete social media moron until after I started Write It Sideways. Twitter seemed like a complete waste of time, Facebook fan pages looked silly–never mind all the other social outlets.

I just didn’t get it.

Now, I’m so happy I started blogging, even before I have a book published. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Professional Development

If I didn’t have to compose articles every few days, I’d be less motivated to spend time learning about the craft of writing. As it is, I know I’m expected to deliver quality information here, so it’s necessary for me to keep reading, learning, and sharing.

Professional development doesn’t just help me to write better blog posts–it helps me write better fiction, too. And of course, that’s my ultimate goal.

2. Accountability

Like all mothers, I’m terribly busy. Anyone could forgive me for not having time to write, perhaps even for days or weeks on end.

I could forgive myself for it too, if I weren’t here telling people that I write, and helping others to do likewise. How much of a hypocrite would I be if I allowed myself to put it off just a little too often?

There are definitely days I don’t have time to write, but knowing I need to set a good example for others helps keep me in gear.

3. Marketing

Sure, I don’t have a published book just yet, but that doesn’t mean I can’t build my marketing skills.

I didn’t know a thing about marketing before I started this blog, but this experience has helped me learn some key principles. By the time I get a publishing deal, I’ll be set to market the life out of my book.

Personally, I’d rather learn those ultra-important skills now than at the last minute.

4. Sharpened Prose

Being forced to write articles on a regular basis has helped me improve my prose in small, but meaningful, ways. I may have a degree in English, but this experience has made me more aware of weaknesses in my language.

Over time, I’ve seen a difference in the quality of my writing, the benefits of which obviously extend to my fiction.

5. Making Connections

Creating Write It Sideways has helped me connect with so many wonderful writers–both aspiring and professional. You can’t imagine how excited I was when, within a month or two of starting, author Larry Brooks first contacted me to say how much he was enjoying my blog!

I’ve also made friends around the blogosphere by guest posting on other sites, including Write to Done, Storyfix, Nathan Bransford–Literary Agent, and many others.

To Blog or Not to Blog

Do you think all writers should be blogging? Only those with a published book or other product to promote?

What are your own reasons for blogging?


Along similar lines, here is a short list of the blogging-related posts that have turned up in my feed reader recently. Whether you’re thinking of starting a blog, you already have one, or you’re yet to be convinced it’s a worthwhile venture, they’re all articles I recommend you read.

What Next?

In my previous article, I outlined how several key reasons why my blog growth accelerated. Most importantly, I decided to invest in knowledge rather than try and learn everything on my own (who has time for that these days?). If you’re serious about fast tracking your own online presence like I did, then make the wise choice to invest in your own knowledge and learn from the some of the most experienced bloggers online.

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