How to Become Your Best Self

a guest post from Christine Reidhead, author of How to Improve Study Habits

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Have you ever thought of how it would be great if you could improve your life? Out of 10 people, 8 would likely give a ‘Yes’ to that question. You must have thought of how it would be to get better in your school grades, at work, or in your relationships. Perhaps, you have even had a wild thought of how your life would change if you had a superpower. That last part is what it is- wild thought- but that does not mean you cannot change your current living standard. That does not mean you cannot achieve more.

You have probably even tried various approaches and failed to get significant results. But I can tell assuredly that there is a better version of yourself and that your undiscovered self is not what anybody can give you. They can only help you in the discovery- which is exactly what I am doing right now. That is because the best version of yourself is shut inside YOU. Only you own the key to the door.

As I have come to discover, the reason you might fail to develop yourself to achieve more is that might have a wrong perception of what this development entails. It is great when you have milestones of progress. But you must know that the milestone is constituted of small actions- and inactions. Becoming your best self would not happen magically someday. You only achieve it one step at a time.

  • Having an increase in your grades compared to previous semesters.
  • Spending less time with tasks and producing greater productivity.
  • Developing an improved study culture.
  • Learning to improve relationships with family and friends.

I understand that they don’t look like it, but those bullets point I just gave are examples of personal development. In essence, personal development is a necessity for living. Whether you take note of it or not, you are developing in some aspects of your life. But if you fail to realize it, you cannot accurately channel the development to improve your entire living standard.

Now that you recognize the need to discover your best self, I will show you some tips that would guide you in achieving it. It is a simple framework, but you must be very intentional.

  • Believe in your abilities: Without this, you cannot discover your best self. Believe you can attempt greater things and that you can succeed at them. Have great self-esteem and let your actions express it.
  • Think big and positive: Every big achiever must first be a big thinker. Learn to think outside the box. Always dare to defile the status quo and be creative.
  • Be your motivation: It is good when things go well around you and they motivate you to do more. But what happens when things go otherwise? You should keep yourself motivated by believing in your ability to achieve success.
  • Use SMART goals: Let your goals be definite and let them guide all your actions. Write down the goals, and keep yourself reminded of the goals. When you start doing things opposite your goals, you know you are drifting away from progress.
  • Discover your strength through challenges: If you will breakthrough with your true potential, then you must be ready to head into challenges. Let the challenges stretch you, but they must not break you. Let it be a duel between you and the best version of yourself.
  • Be time judicious: Everyone has just 24 hours in a day. It is how we manage those hours that makes the difference. All your activities, including your goals, must be constrained by time. When you spend too much time with one activity, you limit the time you can spend with other activities, ultimately limiting your progress.

Like I had said earlier, only you own the key to unlocking your best self. But by following the details I have just recommended, you would experience a big boost in your journey of discovery.

Remember, your best self that you have always wanted is a possibility within reach.

Christine Reidhead will be awarding a $25 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC  to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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