Is self-publishing on Amazon the correct option for me?

The traditional publishing model is no longer the hands-down favorite among writers. Sometimes self-publishing can be the better option. But when? you might well ask. When does publishing your own book make the most sense? Well, Allici Edragal, author of the Creator’s Descendants series, is here to give you some tips about that very thing.

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For most authors, one of the biggest struggles in the beginning of the path to their “dreams” is how to publish their work. Besides the challenge of finding a way through the conventional publishing, in most cases, the author ends up receiving only a small percentage of the royalties, with the cost of losing part of their rights and control over their own work.

The times, however, have changed. In the last five years we’ve seen an increase in options for self-publishing, with Amazon being the leader on this market. Yet not everything is so simple.

In this article, we will list the pros & cons of self-publishing on Amazon, so you can assess and understand if this is an option for you.


  1. It is convenient and easy

Most of self-publishing options are accessible and easy. For example, when you analyze the KDP options and support for start the creation of your first self-publishing material, the number and the quality of guides that are provided directly by Amazon are quite satisfactory. The guides are not only focused of how to use the KDP tools, but also gives you tips on the editorial part of your book.

  • Pricing and earnings

Though KDP will give you a fixed price range for your book, you are free to choose exactly how much you want your work to cost for your readers (of course, within the price range). But not only that.

You are also able to choose between two options of royalties (40% and 70%), but depending on the options you select, some restrictions might be applicable. I would greatly advise you to read through each option very carefully when choosing the best one for yourself.

Another positive aspect of the earnings is that you don’t need to be concerned if Amazon will pay you or not. The payment comes monthly, and you can easily analyze on KDP report option how much you are selling, what is the percentage of royalties that will go to you and to Amazon, and how much is earned to you by the end of the month.

  • Different format options

You have free choice of which format you would like your work to be published on! With that, you are not restricted only to e-book option, but you can also publish on paperback format or even both at the same time.

When publishing in paperback format, you are able to order author copies, that will cost you only the printing costs, which can be considered as quite affordable.

  • Cost

Your cost with Self-publishing on Amazon can be even zero. As long as you have time and put effort, you are able to create your book from scratch using KDP tools. You will also have a dedicated tool to create the cover of your book, in case you have no budget to pay a designer to do so.

Of course, if you want to reach the greatest quality for your work, you can always search for freelancer editors, reviewers, designers, etc. It is also usually an affordable option.


  1. Exclusivity

You have to be very careful when choosing the options for the Self-publishing on Amazon. One of the proposals that Amazon will give you is the KDP select. This option states that your book can only be sold in the digital format by Amazon. If your break this clause, Amazon will remover your e-book from their market.

  • You are on your own

When Self-publishing, you end up being on your own with all the other aspects of the book preparation (editing, reviewing, cover-design). As I mentioned before, you can always hire freelancers to support you with each part of the work, but it will cost you a lot of time and research to choose the best and most affordable options.

  • Marketing

Self-publishing your book might be easy, but reaching the readers is the challenge. You can find some marketing options even on Amazon page, however, once again, this will cost you lot of time and you will need a separate budget dedicated to it.

To find also book reviewers or “bookstagramers” that are willing to promote and advertise your Self-Published work is another hard-work task. Many reviewers don’t even accept to check your book if it is not published by the traditional companies.

So, what should I do?

As stated above, there are lot of benefits in Self-publishing on Amazon, especially related to the accessibility and cost-benefit.

If you’ve been searching without success for means of publishing on the traditional way, the KDP could be an option for you. Before that, I would strongly advise you to do more research, check all options available on the market and read ALL the clauses that Amazon gives you.

The most important in the end is to try your best and make your dreams come true! No matter what option you choose in the end, the satisfaction of seeing your work “live” will definitely be worth all the efforts.   

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  1. Thank you once again dear Deborah for having me as a guess in your blog!
    Authors like you, with such great initiatives are the ones who inspire new authors to start their journey in the “publishing” world.

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