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Stress seems to be the one thing we all have in common, and it is not necessarily what we want to share. Writers have our own special brand of stress, which I’ve asked Geoffrey Saign, author of Smile More Stress Less, to address in this guest post.

Below that you’ll find information about his book. Geoffrey will be awarding a $30 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter, too, and the entry form is at the bottom of this post.

Stress Reduction for writers!

The exercises in SMILE MORE STRESS LESS can end the neurotic tendencies of writers to ‘write more, be efficient, and make every moment count!’ It also can end negative reactions to bad reviews, and trying to write to perfection. SMILE MORE STRESS LESS encompasses every area of life. It builds trust in your intuition, your intelligence, and your problem solving.

All of the above sources of anxiety were real for me as a writer, and now are in the past. Once you learn how to apply the intelligence of SMILE MORE STRESS LESS to any area of your life, you’ll be able to use it in every area. Some of the introductory examples in the book show how to use playful exaggeration. For example, a reader gives you a 1-star review on Amazon. You begin to feel down, upset, worried, and interrupt those thoughts and create a playful exaggeration. For instance, you can say or think;

               This review will ruin the rest of my life!

               If I get another review like this I’ll have to live by myself in the North Pole!

Or, for feeling that every word must be perfect, without mistakes anywhere, you could say;

               One clunky sentence and I’ll be banished from the internet!

               A few sloppy words, and I’ll never be able to face myself in the mirror again!

Using playful exaggerations accomplishes several very real benefits;

  1. You interrupt the old pattern of thought/reacting
  2. You use humor to put the reaction into the ‘reality’ bin
  3. You inform the brain that you no longer will accept this type of reaction
  4. You begin to reduce stress, which allows for intuition and intelligence to blossom

Smile as you use playful exaggerations, which will help cement these changes in your brain.

The simple exercise of playful exaggeration applied to any area of your life will produce fundamental changes in your life. Joy and happiness are the leftovers. This has worked for me in every area of life, and I love the freedom it has given me from old patterns of thoughts, reactions, and negative emotions.

Want one easy method to end anxiety, stress, sadness, loneliness, fear, & anger? While maximizing happiness, inner peace, and self-awareness?

One quick way to cut through all negative emotions? And have fun doing it?

~Savvy & easy workbook exercises ensure success!~

In just minutes a day this playful yet smart approach can:

*End inner and outer conflicts

*End anxiety, worry, fear, anger, boredom, and self-doubt

*Increase healthy relationships with everyone in your life

*End illusions in your life and maximize clarity

*Rewire your brain to live with deep intelligence

*Become your own AAA+ rated super-counselor

*Help you discover the Power of HERE

*Allow your natural joy to blossom

This hands-on, A+B = C approach will supercharge your brain function, improve your emotional intelligence, and change your life!

~Finalist Forward INDIES Self-Help Book of the Year 2020~ (Winner TBA 6/17/2021)

About the Author

Geoffrey Saign began reducing stress by practicing mindfulness at the age of fifteen. For fifty years he studied many modalities for mind-body calming and awareness, including Qigong, tai chi, kung fu, meditation, biofeedback, positive psychology, and many others. He co-designed and taught a cutting-edge, research-based self-awareness class to young adults for ten years. In 2020 the author experienced a major breakthrough in mind-brain-body awareness, which led to him Living with intelligence HERE, and the resulting book, Smile More Stress Less.

Geoffrey’s website:

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