Sheri Chapman ~ Three Questions & a Cover

Three Questions and a Cover — a short interview with one of my favorite authors, along with one of the author’s covers

Huge thanks to Sheri Chapman, author of A Killer, Revisited, for taking time to play 3QC.

Which of your books is your favorite? Why that one?

Oh, my gosh!  I really love my new release, A Killer, Revisited, because it is the most imaginative one (creative) that I’ve written to date. It combines elements of a serial murderer (I love watching Dateline and such) along with superpowers, and a spiritual element that involves improving oneself. It was really fun but a long process. I have to thank my editor, Eric Myers, for helping me see what holes needed filling.

I also love my historical romances, Wild Passion and Passion of the Heart.  Currently, they are my best sellers (but they’ve had much more exposure to the market).

How have friends helped you to become a better writer?

I’m very fortunate to have family, friends, and fans who are willing to help me out. I often ask for advice. In A Killer, one of my students helped me out with cool weaponry. His parents were both police officers, and he knew all about knives and guns.  (My father was military and also a retired policeman).  Beta readers find mistakes (typos, missed grammar) and also any disconnects.  My mother helped me connect Wylie (the cloned assassin) to Jewels (the detective on the murder cases) together more.  I love advice.  You can keep what you like and skip the rest – you just have to be sure to credit who helps.

How should new writers invest their time and money in order to be successful?

If you’re serious about writing (like want to make a career of it, especially), hire a professional editor.  The cheaper end ones may not be as good (you get what you pay for). My editor, Eric Myers, has helped me beyond belief. You have to be open to instruction and constructive criticism. Eric often makes me laugh at myself for a particular word use or unnecessary wording. He helped me become better than I was. I cut so much and added so much to this story, it is nothing like it was when I began. (A Killer started off as a short story I wrote for a reincarnation anthology). Everyone liked it so much, I decided to make it much longer, but it is still relatively short (just under 60K). Eric helped point out things I did that are really not cool in the writing world. For example, he hates it when I say (write), “suddenly”.

Detective Jewels Polten is one of the best at tracking down murderers, but something beyond her experience came to Edmond, Oklahoma. When the serial killer reaches out in a cryptic letter, it reveals a government conspiracy at the highest level. Will she be able to stop an Army experiment gone rogue?

About the Author

Sheri Chapman is a spiritual being who loves life and laughing, but you couldn’t tell it by her stories. She writes a bit of everything: historical romance, dark suspense, sci fi, supernatural, shape shifters and more. She captivates her readers by twisting fantasy and reality together. Once hooked, there is no escape.

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