Save The Cat! Writes For TV

The Last Book on Creating Binge-worthy Content You’ll Ever Need

by Jamie Nash, based on the books by Blake Snyder

Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat! story method revolutionized the way books are written. Since the original book, there have been books, classes, software, blogs, and webinars dedicated to the process. There’s the original book, and sequels that explain how to use Snyder’s method to write for movies. And now there’s Jamie Nash’s offering.

If it works for novels and short stories, it was only a matter of time until Save the Cat! branched out into television. Maybe you’ve had vague thoughts about screenwriting or maybe you’re really excited by the idea. Nash will surely tell you to go for it, but he makes it clear that the path won’t be easy. “TV gets wonky. TV requires some new stuff. Wonkier stuff.”

Jamie Nash spells out the four most important things  to understand if you want to be a successful screenwriter….shows, season arcs, pilots, and TV pitches. According to Nash, things are no longer as they were. Once upon a time in an industry not so far away, aspiring screenwriters could write a standalone episode to prove they could handle the voice of a show. “These days, showrunners and staffers ask their prospective writers’ room candidates to submit 100% original material.”

Save The Cat! Writes For TV  lays out the first five questions for your future-Emmy-winning show: What’s your world, what’s your franchise type, who are your characters, what’s your format, and who’s your audience.  Nash walks you right through the meaning of all that and shows you how to answer those questions for yourself.

After a quick Beat Sheet refresher (the core of Snyder’s Save the Cat! method), Nash goes on to explain exactly what a pilot is and how to write its logline; how to write a pilot beat sheet, with loads of examples to lean on; and how to create your own writer’s board.

Of course, there’s more to becoming a successful screenwriter than just the writing, but don’t worry—Nash has you covered. There’s a pitch format template right there on page 231.

It does sound like a lot of work, but if you really want to break into screenwriting, you’d better know up front what you’re facing. After the writing, there will surely be rejection, criticism, and downright cruelty. Nash offers a bit of advice about how to handle all that, as well.

While I have no particular interest in writing for television, I still managed to highlight the heck out of this book. Good writing tips are valuable no matter the genre, and this is one of the very rare books that delivers on its promise.

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First, what is Save the Cat!®? 

Save the Cat! provides writers the resources they need to develop their screenplays and novels based on a series of best-selling books, primarily written by Blake Snyder (1957- 2009). Blake’s method is based on 10 distinctive genres and his 15 story beats (the Blake Snyder Beat Sheet). Our books, workshops, story structure software, apps, and story coaching teach you everything you need to unlock the fundamentals and mechanics of plot and character transformation. 

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About the Save the Cat! Writes for TV

Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat!, the world’s top-selling story method for filmmakers and novelists, introduces The Last Book on Creating Binge-Worthy Content You’ll Ever Need. 

Screenwriter Jamie Nash takes up Snyder’s torch to lay out a step-by-step approach using Blake’s principles for both new and experienced writers, including:

  • How to write and structure a compelling TV pilot that can launch both your series and your TV writing career 
  • All the nuances, tricks, and techniques of pilot-writing: the Opening Pitch, the Guided Tour, the Whiff of Change, and more 
  • The 8 Save the Cat! TV Franchise Types that will improve your story and your pitch
  • The not-so-secret TV Pitch Template that turns your TV series into the necessary read-over-lunch industry document
  • a how-to in creating layered characters who are driven by complex internal struggles
  • Beat sheets of the pilots of BarryOzarkGrey’s AnatomyThe Marvelous Mrs. MaiselWhat We Do in the ShadowsBlack-ishThe MandalorianThis Is UsLaw and Order: SVU and more to help you crack your story.

Create your binge-worthy TV series with Save the Cat! Writes for TV.

About the Author

Jamie Nash has written and sold almost every type of story under the sun, including the horror films ExistsV/H/S/2The Night WatchmenAltered, and Lovely Molly, and the family films Santa Hunters and Tiny Christmas. He has written the Middle-Grade novels Bunk! and The 44 Rules of Amateur Sleuthing and the sci-fi novel Nomad. Jamie knows what it’s like to make a living as a writer. When he s not writing and selling work, he teaches screenwriting at Johns Hopkins University and MICA and co-hosts the podcast Writers/Blockbusters. Jamie lives in Maryland with his wife, son, and a talking dog.

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