MY TOP 10 WAYS TO SHOW GRATITUDE from Jaime L. Mathews

Jaime is the author of Sunroofs & Shoeboxes (more about that farther down in this post, along with info about how you can enter the giveaway to win a free copy of this fabulous book). She’s been good enough to put together this Top Ten list to share with all of you. Thanks, Jaime!

1. Do something nice every single day for someone else

2. Compliment someone. Make someone else feel beautiful and unique. 

3. Donate your time to an organization you are passionate about

4. Unexpectedly surprise a loved one with something homemade or personalized once in a while and just because  (in other words, pay attention to what your loved ones love and treasure)

5. Share your gratitude experience. When you feel grateful, share it with anyone and everyone who will listen. Gratitude is contagious!

6. Go above and beyond for a stranger

7. Overtip and say yes to any small way to help others. If you have the option to round up for a good cause at the grocery store, do it every time. 

8. Bless others by sharing what you have. If you have excess veggies from your garden, then share with your neighbors. If you have extra clothes that you do not wear, then donate them to a local shelter.

9. If you read an inspirational book, article or post, share it. Make positivity go viral!

10. Always, always, always pay it forward

From the health benefits of opening the sunroof of your car and letting the sun in, to turning shoeboxes into treasure troves of memories to cherish, Jaime L. Mathews shows you the positive side in the things of every day life.

Seeing the beauty in the mundane goes a long way towards leading a happy life. But the daily practice of gratitude is a muscle that needs to be flexed regularly. Jaime teaches you to look at life with a brand new set of eyes, every day. Eventually, you won’t even need to think about it, and you will start to see opportunities in the biggest challenges, see the extraordinary in the most ordinary things, and your outlook on life will be changed for the better.

So flex those muscles now, and take a deep dive into the unbridled enthusiasm and contagious optimism of Jaime L. Mathews.

About the Author

Jaime L. Mathews is the author of Sunroofs & Shoeboxes, a collection of the little nuggets of wisdom she has found in the little things of everyday life.

Educated as a journalist and an educator in holistic health, Jaime has had an eclectic career path which included journalism positions at the Orion and Natural Awakenings, being the wellness director of an exclusive fitness resort and the business owner of a hair salon and a fireplace retail store.

But between the many hats she has worn throughout her life, the one she is most proud of is that of mother and mentor to her little ones. Jaime, her husband, and their five children live on a farm in California.

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