{This Tale Is True} Readers’ Guide

How would you describe the difference in narrative tone of the goddess scenes and Cybil’s scenes? Did you prefer one style over the other? Does the realm of the immortals appear more or less appealing than the human realm?

Evie’s friends mistakenly believe that a squirrel is an omen, a messenger from the goddess Hera. There are, however, several true omens throughout the story. Why do you suppose Cybil is oblivious to them? What omens, if any, have helped or guided you?

The goddesses turn first to the gods for help, even though they know from experience that the male Olympians have not treated the goddesses well. (Ex: Jupiter sold his daughter Proserpine to Pluto) Why do you think they didn’t immediately band together to help themselves? What do you make of Minerva’s decision to ally herself with the gods?

Would you say that Cybil or the goddesses gained more from the events that unfolded? Which of the characters is most likely to make a permanent and significant change?

How does belief help or hinder the characters? What belief (or beliefs) do you hold that hinders your ability to recognize the truth?

Have you ever met a goddess in human form? Where, and how do you know?

Cybil and Evie discuss the possibility of omens. What other omens come into play thoughout this book?

Who do you suppose is the {speaker in brackets}?