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Category: Wednesday Blogging Challenge

Five of the Best Places I’ve Visited

The good people over at Long and Short Reviews have set forth a list of topics for their Wednesday Blogging Challenge in 2021. I encourage you to take a look at the list and join in, whether you actually post on your blog or write about the topic in your journal or simply mull it over in your head. If you do post, though, leave a note and the link to your on-topic post in the comments here so we can all enjoy it.

Travel. Remember when we did that? But global pandemics and stay-home orders did not confine my gallivanting in a serious way. I’m giving the maximum number of Michelin stars to the following places:

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Books that would make great gifts (for others or for yourself)

“Have you read…?”

That is surely the most common sentence opener I hear (and use) when I’m with my tribe. I’m always amazed at how excited we get about finding another brilliant book, another riveting story, another extraordinary author.

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