{This Tale Is True}

They don’t make goddesses like they used to….

Mere days before the annual renewal of their immortality is to occur, the goddess of youth disappears. Without her and her restorative nectar, time and age will catch up with the goddesses. In the blink of an eye, they will shrivel and die, leaving the world to fend for itself, unless a skeptical mortal can find a way to save both worlds.

{This Tale Is True} combines the humor one expects from Adams with magical realism and a dash of literary fiction, resulting in a boisterous read that pushes back against the boundaries of genre.

For eons they ruled, but modern times have been rough on the ancient deities— their temples collapsed, their worshipers wandered off, and their purposes were made redundant by industry and technology. And the Fates aren’t finished with them yet.

“Deborah Adams offers goddesses in peril and a protagonist who dares all to save the immortals in a wild, wacky, and wonderful romp. Imaginative, creative, fabulous fiction.” ~ Carolyn Hart, author of the otherworldly Bailey Ruth series

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ISBN: 978-0-9984940-9-8
Oconee Spirit Press

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